Makes sense, and I can’t fault you (or anyone else!) for that

You’re feeling that way is no different than me not hounding the people who miss a FPU class and/or drop out.

I truly believe that following the steps has to be a personal decision and desire. Therefore, if they miss a class, I’m not about to call and try to talk them into returning.

We can’t make others want what we think is best. We can only set the example and Live Like No One Else. 🙂

Just don’t get discouraged, ’cause there really ARE people watching and learning from your example. It just takes some people longer than others to act on it.

My mom had this book – Secret Life of a Dollar?

It showed what saving one dollar could do. They need to teach that in schools. And I continue to be amazed at the number of young people who don’t know what a 401K is.

Biggest funny today:
Bus driver told somebody he had to pay fare, he couldn’t just walk off.
Young person behind me yells “The money isn’t going into your pocket. Why you gotta be like that?”
Me (silently): You obviously don’t know much about where paychecks come from….

There is also a mind-set that is being taught to our kids –

that there isn’t anything else than car payments. My daughter had the assignment (in high school) to write up a budget for herself when getting out of college. She had to investigate what car payments would be for her chosen car. There were no lines for “life insurance” or “retirement”. There were lines for “going out on the weekend” and “clothes” and “entertainment”….

She got a bad grade because she refused to fill out the car payment line. (They wanted her to figure interest and so forth). She wrote down in her budget the price of a bus pass and a savings account for the said car. No interest needed there.. And no line for “student loan” either.

She also added lines which was apparently un-authorized. (Good girl!!) She wrote in “401K” and “life insurance” and “medical expenses”…

The teacher was extremely puzzled… She explained how much car payments really cost (ala Dave) and really confused him. And that she was not going to take out student loan because her parents are STILL kicking Sallie Mae out of the back bedroom. Sallie was not going to live in her house…

People do not realize what the actual cost of a dinner out is. It seems so small. Surely that money couldn’t put my kids through college? What’s the difference between paying a car payment to the dealer or to your savings account? They just don’t know the math…

How did your Saturday morning class go?

That was another thing we were trying to decide when we start our next class. It is so hard during the week because of getting kids homework, baths and stuff. And then my husband doesn’t get home until 6 or just a little after on most nights. So that was putting us starting each class at 6:30 if we do it during the week. The last class we had was on Sunday evenings from 4:30 to 6:30, but we really don’t want to do Sunday’s again. There is just too much going on.

I’ll agree with you here

but I’m guessing you missed what was the origal point, and that being, I no longer pass out TMMO books to people whom I clearly see need the information. I want to bang my head up against the wall at times, but as Eldred can attest to, it’s generally a waste of my (and his) money and time. If someone wants to know more, then I’ll share, but otherwise, I’m not going to expend the energy. I’m sick of hearing people driving new cars telling me that they’ll always have a car payment, or those that I know go out to dinner two or three times a week, telling me that they can’t afford to fund their children’s ESAs (this one makes me so angry I want to spit). What? Dinner out is more important that giving your children a paid for education? That’s what it comes down to plain and simply for those who feel entitled to dinner out all the time. This is my point in this discussion: I feel people are too lazy to change their lives for their betterment and find it easier to moan and groan about their circumstances when they have the means to actually do something.

My husband and I have only done 1 class so far

So it was a learning thing for us as well. I had this feeling that maybe I was not doing something right, you know? But those that completed the course told me that we did great and have thanked us. I have tried to keep up with everyone via a monthly check in email. Hoping that would keep people motivated, but I normally only have about 2 or 3 that will respond. We have mentioned to the church that we are waiting for the fall to start back up and if they took it last year that they might want to come back through to hear the updated info. So we will see.

As for the 10 week, I feel it will be really helpful. My church advisor was telling me that they had a lot of input on it from coordinators and most felt that 13 weeks was just too much. So I checked out the schedule and the classes that they will be watching at home are Credit Sharks in Suits (normally week 5), That’s Not Good Enough (normally week 8) and Of Mice and Mutual Funds (normally week 9). If people will actually watch the lesson at home, I think it will work well.

No the DR way definitely isn’t the easy way

And it WOULD be wonderful to see the same hope, aspirations and dreams from people who renounced debt. I think it’s up to US to be avenues that help bring that H/A and dreams to people by being an example. Whether we realize it or not, there ARE people watching us as we go through our journeys, there really ARE people who are paying attention. THAT is what’s important in addition to our own success.

Actually I don’t disagree with you at all

There ARE many people who are exactly what you describe below. They choose not to take the ‘hard’ road and make changes in their lives.

But I wouldn’t necessarily call them lazy or complaining….well let’s correct that, LOL! They CAN be complainers, but don’t have to be lazy.

It IS much easier to sit around and feel sorry for yourself, but do they actually do that, or do they just ‘act’ like they do that. 🙂

There are plenty of people who will never take responsibility for their actions, until or unless they are forced to by circumstances outside of their control.

Their choice….thankfully WE know better. 🙂

I’m going to respectfully disagree with you

People don’t want to change. They don’t want to cut out dinners once a week or take the time to use coupons and shop for sales. They really don’t want to change their lives. They still want to smoke their cigarettes or have a beer with their buddies after work. They don’t want to live on a budget. It’s not fun changing your life, and Lord knows it’s not always easy, that’s why people don’t follow through. They want a magic pill, they don’t want to hang in there and get an education and face the reality that their lives need to be evaluated. It’s easier to sit and feel sorry for yourself than it is to look for solutions to make necessary changes.